An ever-increasing portion of the world’s population is accessing the web over their mobile devices. Have you ever visited a website over your phone or tablet that appeared broken, with text overlapping images and sized so small that it’s nearly impossible to navigate? Having a website that displays as intended on these mobile platforms is nearly as important as having a website in the first place.

We can help!

At SAFAITS, our designers will create a version of your website that is specifically designed to be accessed over multiple handheld devices. Let your visitors get the information they need quickly and effectively. Your mobile website will be easily accessed over an array of different smartphones and tablets of small and large dimensions.

The Benefits

  • Site visitors can effortlessly navigate your website without cumbersome downloads.
  • Use the same content management system to manage the mobile version of your website.
  • Compatible across different browsers and devices.


We use the latest responsive web design techniques to ensure your website displays as intended across different mobile and desktop devices. Take a look through our portfolio for examples of mobile responsive sites that are impressive, intelligible, and easy to navigate.