Our digital signage solution represents an alternative to PC-based solutions. The HMP Hyper Media Players are purpose built devices designed to simplify the implementation and maintenance of AV communication solutions.

Ideal for healthcare facilities for communication with patients in the waiting room, guests or visitors lingering in the lobby, physicians or employees. Screens can be purposefully sited throughout hospitals and healthcare facilities delivering relevant content that benefits each specific audience.



















Key Features:

  • It allows users to schedule, combine, update, stream and display visual and audio content without the need for a PC.
  • It is a full HD digital signage player that can replay multiple full HD videos alongside other features; crawling text, RSS feeds, animations.
  • It is a multilayer, not just a “looping video player: Its most impressive aspect is that the rendering of the display is done by the player itself. This allows the player to treat dynamic content as layers and pile them on top of each other.
  • Instant results: With one click you publish professional results. Your content gets sent through the network directly to the screens where it is displayed instantly.
  • Straight forward setup: Complex situations can be mastered with simplicity: create content with Elementi software and then is send it from your Laptop to the screens using your network.
  • Extremely small – the player is very compact and easily mounted behind a screen.

Use as a network device or standalone server – the system works as a client-based system that can pull content and be controlled from a central network or it can be a self-contained server by storing the content on its internal 8GB storage or a USB device.