Our Laboratory Information System provides automated processes that can optimize workflow, improve regulatory compliance, increase productivity, and minimize errors. It seamlessly integrates with our other healthcare software solutions, providing a completely digital and paperless laboratory management system.





نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪laboratory information system‬‏




Key Features:

  • Very Easy Operation.
  • Support Arabic & English Languages.
  • Desktop & Web Based Versions.
  • Customizable barcode sample label including patient data.
  • Full patient demographics registration.
  • Supports ICD10, LOINIC and CPT 4 codes.
  • Automatic medical necessity check of requested tests against patient diagnosis.
  • Supports sample splitting and dilutions.
  • Direct interface with all analyzers, lab automation and pre analytical systems.
  • Automatic calculation of reference range according to age and gender.
  • Automatic calculation of ratio and formula results.
  • Automatic delta check evaluation.
  • Technical and medical results validation.
  • Clear color coded identification of abnormal results.
  • Tracking of all steps followed.
  • Quick,efficient and easy Quality Control Module which Configurable Westgard and Levi Jenning rules.
  • Fast and effective search in old results using different search keys.
  • Complete billing module covering services, price lists, discounts and health
  • Insurance coverage.
  • Support Mobile Application ( available for Android & IOS ).
  • System Management & Event Alerting
  • HL7 integration with other systems.
  • Time stamp for all operations.
  • Multi user security levels and privileges.

The LIS system can manage data and track orders created by:

Biochemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Microbiology, Serology, Anatomy Pathology, and Hormones.