Blood Bank Information System (BBIS)

Key Features:

• Donor Management: Donor Registration, vetting, donor recall, and blood camp scheduling.
• Lab Test Management: HL7 compatibility for integration with automated analyzers, supports results gathering, and Result interpretation.
• Component Management: Result interpretation, shelf life monitoring, product processing management, External Receive, External Product Request, Component Status Reports, Barcode Tracking.
• Transfusion Management: Test Ordering, Order and Reserve Products, Adverse Transfusion Management.
• Inventory Management: Blood Bags and Reagents Management, Receive and return of stock, Stock Status Reports.
• Reports: Blood Bag Traceability Report, Stock Movement Report, Donor/Recipient Tracing Report, Blood Request Details Report, Rare Blood Group Report, Reactive Blood Reports (Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, HIV), and Various Blood Processing Reports.