Who we are

Safa ITS is part of MENA Group, an umbrella company which includes MENA Diagnostic (a medical equipments provider), MENA Logistics (shipping services provider), MENA Training (medical training provider), as well as Safa ITS amongst others.
Safa ITS is an Information Technology company serving the needs of both private and public business in the field of information technology. In particular, we specialize in Health Information Technology (Health IT) to enable health care providers to better manage patient care through secure use and sharing of health information. We also offer a host of support products and services to improve productivity, reliability, and security through the use of technology.

Our Vision:

Our vision at Safa ITS to bring to healthcare providers a portfolio of technology solutions that will realize a world class health service.

Our Mission:

The enablement of our clients to pioneer the transformation of healthcare and set new standards for others to follow through the use of information technology, and for our company to be the driving force behind it.
We strive to inspire optimism and make a difference.”

Our Core Values:

The core values that guide our best practices are:

Accountability: We appreciate that you are accountable to your patients, that’s why we strive to provide the kind of services that free you up to do what you do best.

Collaboration: We believe that teamwork with our clients and partners is the key to success. That is why we welcome feedback from our clients and support them far beyond implementation or upgrade by providing training, re-configuring to client needs, and adding custom functionality. We are here to serve you.

Openness: We ensure that you get the solution you need, not the one we want to sell to you.  This requires open, honest dialogue about the merits of different business and technology solutions.

Flexibility: We believe that healthcare requires flexible solutions to meet the high expectations demanded of it.  We will work with you to configure our solutions to fit your needs.


Shuhadaa Al-Shat, Nofleyeen, Tripoli, - Libya
Tel: +218 21 340 7651
Fax: +218 21 340 7652

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